Williamston is a nice place to call home. The community is very close knit and you will find everyone has something nice to say about each other. Even business owners that may be competing for one another's business. The downtown area is very clean and a great place to shop and eat.


Gracie's Place - This establishment is located at 151 South Putnam Street, Williamston, MI 48895. Gracie's is a great place to enjoy the finest of food in the area. You will surely enjoy most of the vast array of menu choices. The service is top notch and you won't find a better place to take a date or an important business meeting.


Ellie's Country Kitchen - This establishment is located at 130 East Grand River Avenue, Williamston, MI 48895. Make this place a must have on your list of places to have a great meal. The food is all homemade and will not disappoint even one of your taste buds. You will be sure to enjoy every second of every bite. The service is very prompt and friendly as well so be sure to leave a good tip.