Webberville is a small Ingam County community that was incorporated way back in 1871, so it's been around for a while! Located just 20 miles outside of Lansing, Webberville offers a lovely small town atmosphere with easy access to bigger cities..


Wrangler's Saloon - Located at 4020 West Grand River in Howell, Wrangler's Saloon is a still a Webberville favorite. The atmosphere at Wrangler's is super chill and laid back, and the bartenders are very friendly. Prices are super cheat as well, so you'll be pretty pleased with how little you spend compared to how much you can drink! The food is great, too.


Sinclair Grill - Sinclair Grill located at 345 West Grand River in Webberville is the local place to get a great home cooked meal. Burgers, fries, Reubens, and those famous Sinclair fries are all delicious options! The deep fried portobello mushrooms are outstanding and we definitely suggest placing an order! Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you can't top this one.