Venice Township

Venice Township is a nice little town with lots of residences. You will find people walking and talking down the city center streets as well as all sorts of happy places for people to spend time together. This is a great little place to hang out with friends and family.


Down the Hatch Saloon - This establishment is located at 11935 East Lennon Road, Lennon, MI 48449. This bar is a super fun hang out and offers great service and good happy hour drink specials. Make sure to stop in a throw a few drinks down the hatch! The wait staff are the type of people that you would choose to hang out with, so you are sure to have fun here.


Ruthann's Kitchen - Ruthann's Kitchen can be found in Corunna, specifically at 317 North Shiawassee. This is a great place to hang your hat and have some good home cooked meals. Everyone will be sure to enjoy your company and you will enjoy them. The food they make is very fresh and very well priced so be sure to set aside some time to stop in for a hearty meal.