Union Plains

Union Plains is located in the 48418 zip code. All types of fun can be hand in the Plains. You will find area bars and restaurants to choose from as well as other places to hang your hat and kick up your heels. Make sure that you don't forget Union Plains when checking on cities to visit.


Barnswallow Bar - The bar called Barnswallow is easy to find at138 North Main Street in close by Bancroft. This is a great place to have a bunch of fun enjoying the finer things in life like beer and women, or beer and men! Make sure to stop in to grab some drinks and a partner to some honkey tonk hoedown music and attitude to match. The service is great the the parking is free, so what do you have to loose?


Janelle's Family Restaurant - This fine dining establishment is located at 110 North Saginaw Street in Byron. When we say fine dining, we don't me upscale steak or pasta, we mean that it's a fine experience. This place has the best home cooked meals and home ambiance that you will find anywhere else in the area. The prices are very fair and the service is excellent. Make sure to stop in you won't be dissipated.