Stockbridge is a picturesque community to and great place to live. You will make sure to stop by around Fathers day for a day in the village. A day in the village is a great example of all kinds of crafts, fireworks, music, and games. Be sure to put Stockbridge on your list of places to visit in the future!


Country Pub - This establishment is located at 150 Main Street, Gregory, MI 48137. This is a great little pub to hang out in with you people. The locals are really friendly and would never treat you like an outsider. Make sure to stop in for great drink prices and even some food, you won't be disappointed.


Stockbridge Diner - You can find the best home cooked meal you'll ever eat at110 East Main right here in Stockbridge! This is a breakfast and brunch hot spot with plenty of southern style options to start your day like chicken fried steak with eggs and toast or biscuits and gravy made fresh. You'll love it.