Rush Township

Rush Township is a nice little community offering residential and other types of housing. The city center offers a couple shops and a place to eat. The streets are very well maintained and the city center is very clean. You will fell very safe walking down the street in this town.


Dedic's Bar & Grill - This establishment is located at 5997 N M 52, Owosso, MI 48867. This bar is nice and small. It is the type of place you will want to go in and get lost in the beer bubbles in the top of your glass. You will find a bunch of happy regulars that are willing to strike up a conversation at any given time. The service is great and the drinks are priced cheep.


Wrought Iron Grill - This establishment is located at 317 South Elm Street, Owosso, MI 48867. This is a super nice establishment for fine dining. You will not ever be disappointed in the menu size or quality. Everything at this restaurant screams quality. Make sure to stop in and have a great time with your favorite special someone.