Royal Oak


Royal Oak Brewery

What a trendy place in a trendy city. Conveniently located just one block east of Main Street at 215 East 4th Street, this place is an area institution. The atmosphere is comfortable and it has a hometown feel that makes everyone feel welcome. They serve six to seven fresh beers on tap daily. Their menu is interesting considering the kind of place that it is, you have menu items like Beef Stroganoff and Steak Pasta on one hand but also traditional bar burgers and pizza on the other hand. Try it for yourself and soak in the local flavor.

Red Coat Tavern

This is a really cool place to go enjoy some great beverages, good fare, and reasonable prices. But even better than the product is the service. Every member of the staff is not only doing their job but backing up everyone else making for a very efficiently run establishment. Their signature dish is the Original Redcoat Hamburger. The interior resembles a British roadhouse which just fits perfect with the kind of establishment it is. Go to 31542 Woodward Avenue for drinks with friends or for one of their burgers, it will be worth your time.

Town Tavern

Located in the quaint city of Royal Oak, this dining destination stands out from the others. The motif was inspired by taverns of the 1930s which makes it a very warm and inviting environment to meet friends and family. This is such an interesting mix because you have a classic bar and a modern menu. The menu has a nice variety of finer entrees and there is something to whet every whistle on the wine, beer and cocktail menu. You have to become a regular at 116 West 4th Street.


Inn Season Cafe

The unspoken motto of the Inn Season Cafe is “quality of food is synonymous with quality if life.” What makes this place so unique is that it is a vegetarian restaurant. They offer some absolutely amazing stir fries and all of their entrees are very healthy. You also have the option of gluten free or soy free. And the quality of their creativity is almost matched by the quality of their wait staff and their attentiveness and knowledge base. Pleasant surprises are waiting for you at 500 East 4th Street.

Andiamo Osteria

A pleasant experience all the way around. The atmosphere is amazing and the staff is very friendly and attentive to your every need. This is no doubt a four star restaurant. Any kind of entree you can think of they offer here, from pasta dishes to fish to steak. If you know nothing about wine, never fear, the staff here is extremely knowledgeable and ready to educate you. When you spend an evening at 129 South Main Street, you will definitely know what it means to when people talk about fine dining.


This is a great place to go for fresh Greek food. Their philosophy is “fresh, simple, and traditional.” The pita bread for any meal that you order at 121 North Main Street is cooked to order for your meal only. You don't want to leave without trying the fresh cut fries with seasoned and crumbled feta. But their signature dish is the lamb & beef gyro. The ambiance is perfect, you will leave with a smile on your face and a wallet that still has plenty of money in it.