Pulaski is small community, and a nice town with lots to offer a person. Many people make Pulaski a home and commute to work in other areas of Michigan. It is a great place to spend ones time with friends and family.


Rosalies Roadhouse - We adore Rosalies Roadhouse over at 417 West Chicago in Jonesville. This roadhouse is the local's favorite drinking destination. They've got all sorts of beverages, from beer, both domestic and some craft, to liquor, and even wine. The selection of each is pretty good, which is why this place is so popular. Their cocktails are made pretty strong, but without high prices. It's got all you need! They even have delicious food, like jalapeño burgers, spaghetti, Risotto balls, and pizza!


Laughlin's Slice of Spice - Talk about a good pizza! This one is located in the Village Crossing Mall over in Spring Arbor, at 7851 Spring Arbor Road. When you get here, we suggest starting with their appeteaser plate, which includes stuffed mushrooms, bruschetta, and delectable bread bites. When it comes time for the main course, any of their pizzas is a great choice. The hand tossed crust, the house made sauce, and the fresh toppings piled on, you can't beat the pizza here. It's definitely our favorite place to grab a slice! And be sure to order the bread sticks!