Perry Township

Perry Township is located in Michigan. Perry has all kinds of great people and is a really clean place to spend time. You won't find yourself board in Perry since they have all the necessary amenities like bars and restaurants near by to keep you occupied.


Boondock's Saloon - 104 East Grand River Avenue, Lainsburg, Michigan. This place is one of the best and while it's over in Lainsburg, not Perry Township, it's still one of the most popular watering holes in the area. The food and drink are something of a quality you usually don't find around here. The apple fritter is one seriously good dessert. If you're bar hopping, make this a stop.


RiverHouse Inn - 310 West Grand River Avenue, Williamston, Michigan. RiverHouse Inn may very well be the area's finest dining establishment, and it's right nearby in Williamston. Roasted red pepper pasta, fresh salmon cakes, and amazing mac and cheese and bisques. They also have a fine selection of wine.