Owosso Township

Owosso Township is a great place and one of the bigger city centers in the area. There's lots and lots of business and places to eat and drink. Merriment is a very easy task in the city of Owosso so make sure to stop in and enjoy all that Owosso has to offer.


Korner Pub- Korner Pub can be found at 1017 West Main Street in Owosso and we're glad it's so close becuase we can't get enough! This is the place to be in town. Everyone gets along in this bar and you will surly have a great time all night long. The wait staff is very attentive and quick on the draw with drinks and the pop gun!


Roma's Back Door - You can find Roma's Back Door at 200 East Comstock Street but you can enter through the front door. Roma's is an authentic Italian place and as such as the finest Italian cuisine in the area. You will be sure to enjoy all the food served as the sauces are prepared to perfection. The dress code is casual and the parking is free! The service is outstanding as well.