Diamond Jim Brady's

Considered one of the finest bistros in the Detroit area, the management and staff make it their passion to serve the finest beverages and the most delicious foods possible. The atmosphere at 43271 Crescent Blvd is delightfully contemporary. They have some great dishes that are very well prepared including calamari, walleye, and even great burgers. The service is excellent, you will be treated very well and they make it a point to come around and make sure you are being treated like a special guest.

Steve & Rocky's

A local favorite located at 43150 Grand River Avenue, this has become a destination spot for many. They purchase the freshest ingredients from live oysters, lobsters, mussels, fish, sea scallops, and more. While they have a huge portion of their menu devoted to seafood, they also offer other choices like beef, pork, chicken, and poultry to provide something for everyone. The drink list is extensive and provides for a good time had by all.

Library Sports Pub and Grill

Family owned and operated, the owners and staff at 42100 Grand River Avenue make it a personal matter to provide exceptional quality in terms of food and service. You will find the portions to be quite large. They have a premiere line of draught beer selections and a full bar menu as well. Once you settle down with your friends, you can enjoy the multiple big screens. The waitstaff is exceptional and will do anything to make sure you are happy. A must visit for anyone looking for a great time.


Novi Chophouse

Located at 27000 S. Karevich Drive in the Crowne Plaza Hotel, the staff provides exquisite service that guarantees a special dining experience. There is something for everyone here. Whether you are out on business or on a romantic date, there are amazing pasta dishes and award-winning steak entrees at Novi Chophouse. The décor is amazing and the rooms provide for large or small group dining. The staff has a great knowledge of their wine list as well and can help you in picking out the perfect wine to go with your entree.

Bonefish Grill

From the moment you walk through the doors at 43304 West 11 Mile Road, you will be immersed into an amazing experience and wonderful atmosphere. Your taste buds will be ignited as your body relaxes more and more with how special you start to feel. Fine dining has always been associated with stuffy service, well, not at Bonefish. They believe in friendly and relaxing service with a knowledgeable approach in terms of any questions you may have about the menu. If going the extra mile means anything in the restaurant business, you will discover what it means right here.

Lentil Mediterranean Grill

Now, this is the way a restaurant should be run. On the premise that when it comes to food, your taste buds should never be cheated. With the authentic Mediterranean cuisine served at 41490 Grand River Avenue, we can promise that will never be the case. The cooking staff uses nothing but natural meat from local farms and they excel in the cutting, marinating, and grilling of the meat. They also have a talent for using sauce and spice to bring a flavor and taste to the food that will make you swoon. This place will exceed your standards in every way.