Middletown is a small town with a lot of residential housing and a nice, clean city center. You'll see all sorts of great things to do in the town of Middletown. This is a great place to live in! You won't be disappointed in how neighborly everyone is so make sure to give a wave or a friendly how you doing.

This is a very small community and while most people think of Applebees as the local hot spot, if you travel to nearby Owosso, you'll find these amazing establishments:


Korner Pub - Korner Pub is easy to find on West Main Street in Owosso, at building number 1017. You will love this bar. The people there are from all walks of life and ready to party. You will have a bunch of fun here and not want to leave when they make last call. The drink prices are very good and the food is divine. You will also experience great service.


Wrought Iron Grill - The address of this fine bar and grill is 317 South Elm in Owosso. Wow this sure is a neat place that you will love! This is a great place to hang out and have some fine made food. This is a very classy place with high end food and drinks. All of the meals are superb. You will not find a better quality establishment anywhere else in the area!