Lansing is home to the capital of Michigan as well as Michigan State University. Lansing is a great place to both go to school and learn, work, live, and play. You will find a bunch of different activities that can transpire in the Lansing area and will be sure to enjoy yourself fully.


Green Door Blues Bar and Grill - This establishment is located at 2005 East Michigan Avenue, Lansing, MI.This place has great food and really stiff drinks. You are surly to always receive your moneys worth in products and service. The staff is super friendly and you will gave a fun and spectacular night every night. Stop in for some sandwiches. Stop in for some drinks. Stop in for some other great food. Stop in for any reason. The parking is free and available and they have a great selection of music. You will also find free pool on Sundays. Wow, free pool! Now that's something special. This is Lansing's finest.


Clara's Lansing Station - 637 East Michigan Avenue is where you'll find this local Lansing favorite. This is a great place to grab a delicious pizza pie. You will marvel at the ambiance and friendly service. The parking is free and on site and the quality of the food and the atmosphere is really nice. The place has been an icon in the area since the late "70s so you are sure to experience some culinary excellence in pizza making. They offer micro brews as well as a light menu for people that are unable to consume the heavy calories. Make sure to stop in they have much more then pizza. You will find American food, Italian, Mexican, salads, seafood, and steaks!