Sports Games

Detroit is one of only twelve cities in the United States to have teams from all four major North American sports leagues. The Motor City has a long sports tradition and its fans have been loyal even when specific teams have not necessarily been that successful. But that is not to say Detroit teams have not had a lot of success because they have. The Detroit Tigers, who play baseball at Comerica Park, were established in 1894 and have won 4 World Series Championships. The Detroit Red Wings, established in 1926, play at Joe Louis Arena and have won 11 Stanley Cups. The Detroit Lions play at a beautiful facility downtown known as Ford Field and won 4 NFL championships before the Super Bowl era. And the Detroit Pistons, who now play in Auburn Hills at The Palace, have won 3 NBA championships. So, as you can see, winning is a part of Detroit and each sporting venue is a unique chance to see your favorite sport in a classic venue filled with raving fans. So, pick your favorite or possibly try one you haven't had much to do with up until now and enjoy a very interesting and fun-filled experience. We also do trips to Chicago if you need to do a Chicago Sporting Event outing.

But there is one thing that you will want to think long and hard about before you plan your sport outing. If you are getting a group of friends together in order to enjoy the game, how are you all going to get to the venue? Remember, you are coming from the Lansing area which isn't too bad in terms of distance, but if you have a larger group of say at least 20, do you really want to try to drive separate or try to carpool? This would be a nightmare of sorts. Here you have your group if friends and you are all driving separately trying to get to the same destination as everyone else going to the game. This means you are all fighting that crazy traffic and trying to get parking spaces fairly close to each other which is a real hassle. Another issue with having everyone drive themselves is that everyone or at least most will want to have some beers at the game more than likely. Which means trying to drive back home could be a real adventure and not something that you should even try. You want to have a great time at the game with your friends, not risk a DUI or an accident or worse, getting hurt really badly. Just leave the driving to a professional by renting a party bus from Lansing Party Bus, that way you lay your worries down and replace them with a fun filled time.

Now, here is where one of our party buses kicks the fun level up a notch. We not only have the highest quality vehicles in the industry, but we have the greatest features available anywhere. Talk about tailgating. We guarantee you that you have never tailgated like this. When your party bus rolls up to your pick up location, you're gonna be blown away by what you see! Limo style leather seating around the interior for maximum comfort, polished wood floors for a classy look, exciting lighting effects accenting every aspect, ample cooler space for your drinks, and even a dance pole! Once you turn on the stereo you'll be absolutely blown away by the incredible speakers and subs. Since you are on a sports trip, you might not be interested in dancing, but just in case we also have installed a customized hardwood dance floor with dancing pole. Now, here is something we know you will be excited about. There are granite topped bar areas with built-in coolers of ice so you can stock them with your favorite drinks. If you are interested in your favorite sports moments or replays and want to bring them, you can play them on the HDTVs, of which there are several, with DVD capabilities. And feel free to bring any snacks onboard. Can you think of a better vehicle to tailgate in? If you get to your venue a bit early and the weather is a bit sketchy, just stay on your party bus for awhile.

We know after reading all of this, you just can't pass up the opportunity to try one of our vehicles out for a sports trip. So, your next step should be to call one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service agents who can answer your questions and walk you through the easy and painless booking process.