School Dances

Are you a parent with a child in high school? Or are you a high schooler yourself, looking to make the most out of your time in school? Either way, you'll certainly agree that school dances are an important part of growing up. There's nothing better than seeing your child all grown up in their formal wear, ready to have a great time. It's definitely a prideful moment for everybody involved! It goes without saying that school dances are important to both parents and children, but there's one aspect of the night that you'll want to think about before anything else!

Just like anything else, you're probably feeling a bit worried about how your child is going to get to the school dance. There's always the option of letting them drive with another inexperienced teenage driver, or the hassle of driving them yourself and risking the eternal eyeroll from your teenager. Don't let your child turn into a horror story on a night that's supposed to be a celebration! There's a way to please everybody, and you'll be surprised that it's actually an affordable option that adds many degrees of convenience to your son or daughters night out on the town.

Have you considered a party bus from Lansing Party Bus for your son or daughters school dance? If not, now is definitely the time to consider it! How does a quiet night at home with no distractions sound? That's exactly what you can experience when you decide to use luxury transportation for your son or daughters prom or homecoming in Lansing. You can put your feet up while your child and their friends are delivered safely to the dance, and then promptly back home to you. There's a reason why parents are catching on to this mode of transportation!

Don't put your child in danger by letting them ride around town with a stranger. When you rent a limousine or party bus with Party Bus Lansing, you'll henceforth be known as the coolest parent in town. You can't go wrong with building a good reputation all while keeping your child as safe as possible. Teenagers absolutely love our party buses because of the amazing amenities located within them. It's easy to be entertained on our buses, and when you're entertained, you're having the best possible time. You simply can't go wrong with a mode of professional transportation for child's school dance!

Teenagers absolutely love the amenities that are located in our party buses. To them, it's just as good as a nightclub on wheels! That's because they will get to enjoy refreshment centers with cupholders and ice, multicolored dazzling lighting, a subwoofer equipped sound system with iPod inputs, large televisions with DVD inputs, comfortable leather seating throughout the perimeter, tinted windows for privacy, hardwood dancing floors, and much more. With all of these features, it's easy to see why Lansing Party Bus is the go to transportation provider for school dances in the area. To book your bus, call now!