Homecoming & Prom

There are moments in the life of a high schooler that seem like life and death. We realize later that those events really wasn't that serious, but it was all too real at the time. That doesn't make it any less real to the teenager as they are going through it. And even for the parents, you realize that while a school event does not rise to the level of life and death, you still want to make sure your son or daughter get to experience the “big” moments that high school has to offer. And certainly, two of those “big” moments include Prom and Homecoming. Some teenagers really look forward to these events and they can't imagine not going. This is a chance for the girls to dress up so they look like they are ready for the runway. And while guys aren't usually as excited about that aspect of a dance, they look forward to events like this for different reasons. There are details that need to be taken care of not the least of which is finding a date.

One of the details that some people don't give as much thought to is a mode of transportation for the big event. This is much more important than you might have previously considered. We realize that parents get nervous around this time and for good reason. You don't like the thought of your teenager driving themselves when you know the teenage brain might make some decisions that would not necessarily be the best. You also don't want them to ride with friends for the same reason. All one has to do is look in front of a police station around the time of prom and homecoming and you will see why this may not be a great idea. So, that still leaves you with the question of how your son or daughter is going to get to the dance.

The best solution that we can think of is to rent a party bus from Lansing Party Bus. We can't think of a better way for a number of reasons. First of all, the group of teenagers will be chauffeured by professional drivers who will make sure that everyone gets to where they need to be at the time they need to be there. The parents will agree on an itinerary before the group takes off and there will be no stops in addition to what has been agreed to. All of out drivers are extremely experienced and will make sure that the group will arrive back at their homes safely at the end of the night. Our vehicles and our service provide complete peace of mind to all of the parents. For the teenagers, they will be the talk of their school when everyone see them arrive in a fancy party bus. How awesome will it be to share a party bus with your friends. There will be no worries about a DUI or some bad decisions leading to drinking and driving and possible bad consequences. Our drivers are very well trained and know the roads around the Lansing area. They also have GPS just in case. Also, you might like to know that all of our vehicles are inspected and maintained by certified mechanics on a very regular basis. There is also more information at Tucson Event Ideas.

Hopefully, everything meets with your approval so far. For the teenagers, what we know will meet with their approval is what we have provided on the inside of their party bus. They will not believe their eyes when they see the granite topped bar areas with built-in coolers of ice. Make sure someone gets a list of everyone's favorites so the coolers can be stocked ahead of time. We realize that there is probably very few high schoolers who do not love music. Well, on our party buses, we have installed a premium concert quality sound system with 12” sub-woofers and CD/MP3/iPod inputs. Getting the guys out on the dance floor will be the challenge of the ladies, but at least it will be possible on our customized hardwood dance floor with dancing pole. Are there places to sit down, yes, we have a customized leather wraparound seating area. There are also multiple high definition flat screen televisions with DVD capabilities. And we haven't forgotten about great lighting. There is LED color changing mood lighting on the walls, ceilings, steps and coolers.

So, can you believe this solution? It satisfies the parents. It satisfies the teenagers. And it does so with style and luxury. Your next step is to check on the date of your event. We suggest that you call one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service agents with your group size and date and time of service. They can answer any questions you might have and will fit you to the perfect vehicle while checking on availability as well. We look forward to servicing your prom or homecoming and making it an even more special event.