Night Out

This is the kind of night that you have been looking forward to. You can't remember the last time that you have been out on the town, relaxing with friends and family, kicking back with some drinks and doing nothing but chilling out. The nightlife in Lansing rivals anywhere in Michigan. The best way for this to work is to make a list of nightspots you have been to and some that you have not. That way you get a mix of familiarity with some exciting new scenes. Your best bet is to sit down and make a list of places you might like to try or maybe list some locations that you are familiar with. We know that their reputations precede them, but you might want to consider the Avenue Cafe, an eclectic neighborhood hangout, or Beggar's Banquet with an amazing beer and wine list to choose from, or even Brannigan Brothers which has live music, great food and drinks right in the heart of it all. And that is just a few of the amazing choices you have in the area.

So, we know you are in the right area for an evening like you have planned. The question is, how to make it even better. Well, we have a recommendation on that front. Have you ever considered renting a party bus from Lansing Party Bus. We work so many different kinds of event, but one thing we can assure you is that one of our party buses are practically made for an event like yours. A professional mode of transportation will have you concentrating on the things you should be and not worrying about the things that you should not be. Let's face it, an event like this calls for someone to drive you to each location that you are going to. But your trip will be beyond anything you have ever imagined because our vehicles are the best in the business in every way. So, what are those things you will not have to worry about with one of our vehicles: breaking up in car pooling groups, coming back together at every location, asking members of your group to be designated drivers, risking a DUI or worse. Instead of any of this, why not just leave the driving to us. We only hire experienced and certified drivers so you can rest easy in their hands. They know the area roads very well and have GPS so you can also be assured that getting lost will not be a problem.

While these are all great benefits, you will also reap additional benefits that will astound you. Once you are inside your party bus, your eyes will be all over the place as you see the incredible lighting effects changing colors all over. Believe it or not, we also have granite topped bar areas with built-in coolers of ice. Make sure you ask your group what their favorite cold drinks are so you can bring them and stock the coolers. Get up and dance on the customized hardwood dance floor with dancing pole. Where is the music coming from? Well, we are glad you asked, our vehicles are equipped with outstanding concert quality sound systems with CD/MP3/iPod inputs. What about some very cool TVs and Blu-Ray DVD player? That is right, they are there. We also believe in little details like cup dispensers and dark tinted windows for privacy. Some other options for night outs are Night out in Orlando or if you're out of the country Nightlife options Bogota Colombia.

So, you may be wondering, how does this work? Do you give us a planned itinerary for your event? Yes, we do like to have some idea of where we will be taking you. But we don't want you to think we have to know everything. If you have other stops you think of while en route, no problem. Because of all of the wonderful benefits of renting one of our vehicles, our business has been growing by leaps and bounds. So, when you know your date of service, call us as soon as possible so we can check availability for you. We look forward to serving you.