Are you an absolute music freak? If so, the Lansing area is a perfect place to experience the music scene. And the assortment to pick from is astounding. Everything from larger venues to smaller venues, big acts and small, and even amazing outdoor music festivals like Common Ground. Take a look at the upcoming concert dates and you will see what a great place for music you are in. The unique venues are a treasure: Blackened Moon Concert Hall, The Loft, Mac's Bar, Zeppelin's Music Hall and many more are available to you. Part of the fun for music lovers in the Lansing area is being able to choose from such a great list. The other part of the fun is to enjoy a night of music with your friends. You have decided it is time to get your music fix that you have not had in a very long time, so it is time to get a group together that you really like being around and then head out to hear some great live music.

Alright, so you have your venue or venues that you will be visiting and you have your list of friends that have all agreed to make it a group affair. Now, you have to figure out how everyone is going to get there. There are a few options. You can all meet down at the location and try to meet up with one another. Or you can divide up into carpooling groups and meet up. Neither of these sound very inviting. Either way, you are fighting all of the traffic that is heading in the same direction and to the same place. Then, let's say you all get there, where is everyone going to park? Will you find parking spaces close to each other? How will you find each other if everybody has to park quite a ways from each other? Why not simplify everything and ride around in luxury and style. Rent a party bus from Lansing Party Bus. Everyone will be picked up together and get to spend the entire evening enjoying each others company. There will be no separating and then trying to come back together. And keep in mind that if any or all of your group will be drinking, then the last thing you want to try and do is drive. Our professional drivers will keep everyone safe and on schedule. If you're in Denver we recommend Denver Concerts.

When you sign on with us, you will be experiencing the best vehicles in the luxury transportation industry. We keep all of our vehicles well maintained, inside and outside. We have certified mechanics who inspect and maintain all of our vehicles on a regular schedule. On the inside of your party bus, you will be amazed when you gaze over at the built-in beverage areas with granite counters and large coolers Get a list of your group's favorite drinks ahead of time so you can stock the coolers. A lot of people ask if they can drink on our vehicles while they are moving. Yes, that is no problem and it is legal. Playing music isn't a problem either. For music, you'll love enjoy your own music with CD or iPod players over the incredible surround sound stereo systems we install in each vehicle. Do you like multimedia? You will enjoy playing your favorite TVs with the awesome HDTVs on our buses. Feel like dancing? Check out the gorgeous polished wood dance floor with dancing pole. You don't have to sit, but if you feel like it we have provided a comfortable limo-style leather seating area. And for ambiance there is exciting color-changing LED lighting on the ceiling, steps, walls and coolers.

We love you music lovers like your senses being tingled as much as possible. Well, we hope you can see that a party bus will help tickle all of your senses for your entire event. There will always be something to do. We ask you to put us to the test. In fact, we dare you to. When you know the date and time of your concert, give one of our helpful and friendly customer service agents a call and start the conversation. They are very knowledgeable in all things party bus and money saving related and will be happy to help you in anyway they can. We look can't wait to hear from you.