It is time for your graduation from college. It may be hard to believe, but it is here. Four or five years of a lot of studying, examinations, research, and projects. You probably thought it might never happen for you. But you have persevered and its time to get your cap and gown and walk across that stage, shake the President's hand, grab your diploma and jump for joy. While this is a great event in many ways and it is certainly a time for celebration, you must admit that there are some sad parts to an event like this as well. You have made many good friends along the way and now everyone is going to be heading their own direction to a new adventure. Some are heading into the business world, some to graduate school, some are taking a year off to decide what their next step will be. You have bonded over some intense times and over some jovial times. The best thing you can think of before everyone heads their own way is to have some kind of blowout where everyone can hang out together for the entire night, hit some of the old haunts that have meant so much during your college career, and a proper way to say goodbye.

Now, what is the best way to plan such an evening. The first thing you need to do is come up with a plan in terms of an itinerary. There has to be a number of venues that have been frequent hangout places throughout your college days. Maybe it is a place where you could have a great cup of coffee and get some intense studying done. Or may it's that place that everyone could go after the big test was over or the semester project had been turned in. Make a list of those places and then add one more. Add a very nice restaurant to your list so everyone can enjoy an amazing meal and talk over the past, present, and future. Now that you have a game plan, you will want to consider very carefully how everyone will get around for the evening. This is more important that you might at first think. It won't be much fun if you make everybody drive themselves to each venue and then attempt to find each other each time. Your best option is a mode of transportation that allow everyone to be together all of the time for the entire evening. The solution is a party bus from from Lansing Party Bus. Think about it, having your entire group together in a luxurious vehicle from start to finish. One of our certified and very experienced drivers will make sure you make it to each venue when you want to be there. You will then be picked up near each venue and head onto the next location. This will be a lot more fun for everyone for a number of reasons. But most important is safety. Since you are going to be celebrating and reminiscing, we are sure some drinking will be involved. You don't want to risk a DUI or an accident because of drinking and driving. So, let this stay a joyous and sad occasion and leave the driving to a professional. One more thing on the safety issue. All of our vehicles are well maintained by certified mechanics so they are always road worthy.

Alright, now that we have that out of the way, let's talk about the features of one of our party buses. What one of our party buses allows you to do while the vehicle is rolling will absolutely blow your group away. First of all, keep in mind that our party buses allow you to stand up and move around. It all starts with the lights. We have installed colorful LED lighting effects on the walls, steps, ceiling, and coolers. This sets the tone for the fun that is about to begin. Let's start with music. Try out our premium concert quality sound system with 12” sub-woofers and CD/iPod.MP3 inputs. You won't believe the quality. We also have granite topped bar areas with built-in coolers of ice, multiple high definition flat screen televisions, a customized hardwood dancing floor with dancing pole, and a very comfortable leather wraparound seating area.

If this doesn't sound like a way to send everyone off, we don't know what would be. There will be plenty of chances for everyone to say their goodbyes as well. So, check us out. Call one of affable customer service agents and let them answer your questions and walk you through the easy booking process. It will be our absolute pleasure to serve you.