Kerby the little town with the big heart! Kerby is located in the 48817 zip code. You will find many things to do in Kerby Park which butts up against a nice little lake for fishing and other activities. This is a great place to spend allot of time fishing or swimming or even building sand castles!


Cavalier Bar - This establishment is located at129 North Shiawassee Street, Corunna, MI 48817. Cavalier is a five star bar with the prices of a one star establishment. The food and drinks are amazing and even better is service. It is a small place to go and relax and forget the rigors of your day. The drinks are very strong and the prices are priced very low. The food isn't bad either.


Main Street Pizza - Main Street Pizza isn't on Main Street, it's actually on North Shiawassee at number 229. Although part of the name is misleading, the pizza part is spot on! If you are looking for super fresh pizza for a song then make sure to stop in. The pizza and sauce are very original and home made. You will not find a better pie in this zip code, that's for sure.