Horton is located in the 49246 zip code. You will find all sorts of fun things to do at the local pub in Horton. The streets are alive with all kinds of activity and fun things to do. You will find all sorts of great things to do in the Horton area.


Yukon Jack Food & Spirits - This establishment is located at 3611 Hanover Road, Horton, MI 49246. This bar has live music, great food, strong drinks, and great service! What more can you ask for you say! Everything is super cheep! Stop in for a honking great time any time!


End Zone - This establishment is located at 202 N Moscow Rd, Horton, MI 49246. The End Zone is also known as the widow maker. This place is so fantastic all the men in the area spend way to much time here. The food is really good and so is the service. The prices are fair and the drinks are mixed strong!