Hazelton Township

Hazelton Township is located in zip code 48460. The area is a very nice place to spend time in. You will enjoy yourself very much. The towns people are very friendly and will make you fell welcome. Make sure to stop in and spend some time in Hazelton and you will have a good time if we do say so!


New Lothrop Tavern - This establishment is located at 9513 Genesee Street, of course it's in New Lothrop. The food and service are very good at this establishment. We know for a fact and without a doubt that you will find that you will enjoy both the service and the superior quality of the food very much. The drink specials are pretty good as well. It's unlike anything else in the region.


Gracies Country Inn - This establishment is located at 9483 Genesee, again in New Lothrop. This place has really good chicken. Again, you're gonna absolutely enjoy this one and we know that for a fact. This is the best place your going to find in Mid Michigan for chicken. Gracies is also a great place to get a steak. Make sure to try it out, you won't believe the service and and all the great food.