Haslett is a community this is well known for being the location of Lake Lansing. The lake is 600 acres in size and has two parks open to the public. You will find beaches, fishing areas, and a boat launch. If you like sailing and would like to become more active with people that enjoy it as well, Lake Lansing is the home of the Lansing Sailing Club.


Blue Gill Grill - This establishment is located at 1591 Lake Lansing Rd, Haslett, MI 48840. This is a very friendly bar with great staff and attitude. The food is inexpensive and the bar is fully stocked with beer, wines, and micro brews. You will find billiards, pool, darts, and a game room to keep you occupied as you enjoy your evening.


Blondie's Barn - This establishment is located at 5640 Marsh Road, Haslett, MI 48840. This is a very fun little establishment that you will be sure to enjoy. The food is fresh and homemade and the ambiance is great. Gazing at the walls you will find farm implements that you may or may not know the use for, but it is always fun to guess. The service is excellent and the pricing is very good.