Fairfield Township

Fairfield Township is located in the zip code of 49248.This is a small town offering big fun and lots of happy residents. The place is very well kept and clean. The residents are proud happy pepole that will shoot you a smile or a friendly word.


Brick Wall Pub & Grill - 240 North Main in Adrian is a bar that offers a bit of everything. Beer, cocktails, sports, food, and even live music and dancing! The burgers and po' boys and onion rings are what we crave, and the drink menu has so much to offer so we always enjoy trying new things to drink! No matter what day of the week, no matter if you want food or drink or music, Brick Wall will not disappoint.


Chomp Burger - 114 West Maumee in Adrian is where you'll find the best burger place in town! Wow, the quality of the food here is absolutely outstanding! The fries make the perfect side with any of the burgers. If your'e looking for something a little greener, they have aa great variety of satisfying salads as well. For dessert, the Oreo milkshake can't be beat! You've got to try this place!