Delhi Township

Delhi Township is a nice community with the values people look for in a place to settle down.Make sure to get you Delhi Sheep sock hats they have many styles to choose from and you will be sure to be kept warm in the cold summer months. Delhi will also help explain to you the unexplainable tax bill that you have. Delhi has great programs for recycling things like christmas trees where they will use the wood chips to line the many wonderful nature trails the community has to offer.


Mac's Bar- This establishment is located at 2700 East Michigan Avenue, Lansing, MI 48912. This is a great bar and you will find really cheep prices for the show. You will find live music with cheep cheep or no cover charges as well as great drink prices. The place has a bunch of games too like darts, pool tables, and video games.


Troppo - This establishment is located at 111 East Michigan Avenue, Lansing, MI 48933. The cuisine is American and boy do they make the steaks right. The dress code is business casual but the prices don't mirror that. You are looking to spend between $9 and $15 per plate.