Miller's Bar

So, are you ready to go old school. Miller's has been around forever and served generations. They have consistently been rated as having one of the best burgers in Michigan. And you may be surprised when you go to pay at 23700 Michigan Avenue because they still operate on the honor system. That's right, you just tell the bartender what you had to eat and drink. This isn't where you go when you are looking for fancy, this is where you go when you want an awesome burger and a cold beer.

Starter's Bar & Grill

This is a neighborhood bar that specializes in really good bar food. The bill will be easy on your wallet and that includes the draft beer selections. Be forewarned, this place can get really busy and people tend to want to linger because it is such a great experience. So either go with some patience in your pocket or pick an off time if possible. The regulars that frequent 18900 Michigan Avenue will tell you that this is just good quality food and drink with some of the best waitstaff that you will find anywhere.

Eagle Tavern

You just can't get anymore unique than the establishment at 20900 Oakwood Boulevard. Now part of Greenfield Village, the structure was built in 1831 as a stagecoach stop for weary travelers. Today, it still exudes a warmth of another time and place. The meals served are made of authentic fare from the 19th century and are served by costumed presenters who will converse with you about things that happened in a simpler time. Don't pass up this unique experience that you can't find in many other places.


Al Ameer Arabic Restaurant

This establishment received a certificate of excellence award in 2014 and we are not surprised. This is what can truly be called authentic Mediterranean cuisine. They see themselves as a representative of the culinary culture within the region. That culture offers distinctive flavors in everything they serve from appetizers to soup to salads to each entree. To make your experience even more special, 12710 West Warren Avenue offers a full juice bar and freshly baked pita bread made with only the freshest ingredients.

Bistro 222

The atmosphere at 22266 Michigan Avenue just cannot be beat, it is relaxing and enjoyable on so many different levels. They take their time with you and will not rush you through what is supposed to be a culinary experience. You will have a choice of simple far all the way up to more complex entrees. One of their most interesting offerings is the lake perch with capers over Basmatti & spinach. The service is just absolutely outstanding, what a wonderful place for high quality food and a relaxing evening.

Tria – An American Brasserie

Everybody needs some inspiration from time to time. Well, Tria never lacks for inspiration as it offers uniquely prepared cuisine in a casual and engaging atmosphere. Their menu could best be characterized as a seasonal American menu that highlights local and sustainable foods. Their specialties, house-pulled smoked mozarella, dry aged angus sliders, and caraway dill seared salmon will have your mouth watering like you have never known. Stopping at 300 Town Center Drive at least once in your life is a must.