Dansville is a rural community with a big heart and allot to offer its citizens. The economy is mainly small business and agriculture. If you are looking for a nice community to commute to East Lansing from for school or work, this would be a great place to pick.


Wooden Nickel Saloon - This establishment is located at 1380 E Mason St, Dansville, MI 48819. The food served is Mexican. The food is really good and inexpensive. The drinks are mixed well and are strong. The service is really friendly and you will be sure to have a great time!


Dansville Pizza & Deli - The best pizza in Dansville is easy to find at 1029 S Jackson St, Dansville, MI 48819. The pizza quality is very high here and you will shot to the moon when you bite into a warm fresh slice. The quality of the ingredients are very high. Make sure to stop in and get a pie for the family you won't be disappointed.