Corunna is known as a city with a vision. You will be sure to enjoy all kinds of community activities like the easter egg hunt, breakfast with the bunny, 4th of July celebration, Corunna Kith & Kin Gala, Halloween Party and haunted house, festival of trees and don't forget breakfast with Santa!


Cavalier Bar - Corunna might not have a lot of places but it does have Cavalier bar at number 129 North Shiawassee. This is a popular local bar with much to offer, including great drink specials and service. The regulars are really friendly and the wait staff is fun to talk with as well. The parking is free and you will always find some open stools or a table! The food is good too!


Main Street Pizza - Main Street Pizza is Corunna's main pizza place, and it's the best. Located at 229 North Shiawassee, not Main Street like you might assume, so don't get confused! This is really good homemade pizza and you're gonna go crazy for it. You will even get a free pizza on your birthday! The service is very thoughtful and prompt. The food is fresh and very moderately priced.