Bunker Hill Township

Bunker Hill Township is a nice little community that would be a great place to live and commute from. The town is very family oriented and you will be sure to feel right at home as soon as you set foot in the town. Housing is priced to sell and the community is clean and kept up well. You will find some nearby small business as well as places to eat and make merriment.


Jim's Lost Shoe Tavern - Jim's Lost Shoe isn't actually in Bunker Hill Township, but don't worry because it's not lost, it can actually be found at 11499 North Meridian Road in Pleasant Lake. This is the perfect spot to get inexpensive drinks and to party hard. The bar is located outside of town so noise is never an issue. Make sure to stop in when you would like to get loud.


Rob's Pizza - Rob's Pizza is a Stockbridge classic and can bef ound at 102 North Clinton. We love pizza, and we especially love Rob's, and we have a feeling you'll feel the same. This is great place to get pizza at. You will never be disappointed about the quality of the ingredients or the speed of the service. Make sure to give this palace a try next time you are looking for a delicious fresh slice of pizza!